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Recent Updates

  • Improved the activity privacy settings by adding help text to clearly identify the impact to visibility to a club or individual

  • Improved the activity invites so that the user clearly understands they can skip the invites page

    • Included updating the submit message to indicate if invites were sent or not

  • Improved the activities' lists with consistent sort order across all pages

  • Updated the Login page with explicit help text to assist the user with the Lion ID

    • Included the addition of a new error page if the user types an incorrect Lion Account ID during Login with explicit details to what the Lion Account ID (i.e. email or mobile phone)

  • Updated the Report form so that the Total Volunteers metric will now require an answer to the question:

    • Did participants include non-Lion family members?

  • Updated the Copy/Duplicate process so that option to copy Featured photos and Photo Galleries will be included