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Recent Updates


  • Added 5 Year Membership Trend reports link on the Membership Reports page.

  • District GMT Coordinators will now receive email notifications during the New Club Application process.

  • Task will direct users to a new quick view which will list these members.

  • Updated the Club Information page so Lions Clubs can indicate that they are participating in the Cub Club Program.

  • Provided read-only access to the My Leo Clubs menu for District/Multiple District Leo Chairpersons.

  • Updated the My Clubs and My Members panels on the Home page for titles above Club level.

    • Users can switch between Leo and Lion counts for clubs and members in their area.

  • Updated verbiage for International Convention Club/VIP Delegate confirmation letters and emails.

  • LCI Staff will scan the barcode to input the member's confirmation number during the certification process.

  • District Governors can assign a Leo/Leo-Lion Cabinet Liaison to their District.

  • Council Chairpersons can assign a Leo/Leo-Lion Council Liaison to their Multiple District.

  • A report has been added to the District and Multiple District levels to display a list of members who qualify for these positions.

  • LCI Staff will have permissions to approve or reject based on outreach to District Governor and First Vice District Governor or Coordinating Lion.



  • Updated the transfer member process to allow Leos to transfer to Lions Clubs.

  • Added quick views to the Convention pages for users to toggle between upcoming and past conventions.

  • Updated the confirmation letter and automated email to be translated in Hindi and Simplified Chinese.

  • Added the International Convention registration link to the automated email.

  • Updated verbiage in the Delegate confirmation letter and automated email.

  • Required delegates to have a unique email address upon assignment.

  • Added the DG Recap report for District and above.

  • Provided previous two fiscal years statements/dues for Multiple Districts.

  • Updated to the Guiding Lion report to display correct information, as well ass added the report to the Multiple District level.

  • Updated the Convention Data Export to include delegate numbers, email addresses and phone numbers.

  • Provided access for Leo Advisory Panelists to view Leo District & Multiple District Officers.

  • An announcement will be updated to correctly identify when the Certified List is available for district and multiple district conventions.

  • A drop-down has been added so that users can select a reason for the name change.

  • This officer title will have read-only access to support viewing capabilities.

Provide a data export for District and Multiple District conventions.

  • The data export will be available on the Conventions page under the My District and My Multiple District menus once the certified list has been published.

  • This will provide information pertaining to the convention as well as assigned delegates in an Excel format.

  • Guiding Lions have been granted read-only access to the club(s) for which they are assigned to.

Added the Club Achievements report at the Lions Club level.

  • The report displays a list of club officers, awards received by active members, club recognitions, recent service activities and donations made to LCIF.

  • Italy will now report members and officers using MyLCI.

Updated maximum Leo Lion member age from 30 to 35.