Learn Roadmap

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Coming Soon

  • Updates to the Graduate & Certified Report so trainings taught are shown

  • Updates to the Local Training Status Report so training totals are clearly indicated as District or Multiple District trainings

  • Updates during the reporting process so that members who may have dropped within 120 days of attending a training can still be reported as participants

Recent Updates

  • Improved the Graduate & Certified Report so that a complete list of Lions is generated based on the credentials chosen

  • Added report descriptions to the Reports page to clearly indicate available reports to the user and brief information about each

  • Updated the training form so that text and URLs are allowed within the ‘Program Details & Application URL’ field

  • Improved the messaging to the user during report generation to let the user know the system is processing their request

  • Learn is added as a new app to the Lions Account available to all Lions and Leos

  • Lions Learning Center is accessible via Learn to complete online courses

  • Learn houses information about Lions Clubs International directed institutes

  • Local training section list all training offered by their specific MD and district GAT-GLT coordinators

  • GAT-GLT coordinators will be able to plan, publish and report local training